I Doubt It

Series Messages

I Could NEVER Do That!

Sun, May 23, 2021Eric Kolonich

“I could never do that.” This phrase of doubt weighs heavy on all of us. The devil uses our doubts to drag and tear us down as followers of Jesus. On the day of Pentecost, the disciples are given the power to speak the love truth and hope of Jesus to their community, nation and world. We might struggle with the doubt that we could never do that, however the same spirit given to the disciples has also been given to you!

Get Up and Go!

Sun, May 16, 2021Rob Mrosko

Doubts can paralyze a person. What am I supposed to do? What should I say? At first the disciples locked the doors and shut themselves in, paralyzed. The presence of the resurrected Jesus broke through those doubts. And then He gave them a mission: Go! The power of the risen Lord is still at work and the mission of Jesus remains for us today. Go!

Do all roads lead to the same place?

Sun, May 09, 2021Mark Newman

We are blessed this week to have Mr. Mark Newman, Brookfield Lutheran member and beloved teacher at Lake Country Lutheran, as our guest speaker. He continues the “I Doubt It” series, addressing the question, “Do all roads lead to the same place?”

Most people in the world believe in some concept of god. Most people say they are spiritual. That’s all good, right? Not if the god they believe in isn’t real and can’t save them. Only one God is the true God and He has demonstrated that repeatedly throughout history, which means only one religion really is THE WAY.

Would God really send people to Hell?

Sun, May 02, 2021Eric Kolonich

A big barrier people have to the Christian faith is the idea of God sending people to hell. How could a loving God do that? That certainly is not what God wants; so why does it happen? Today, we are blessed to have Dr. Brad Alles as our guest speaker as he tackles this issue.

Why is there Suffering?

Sun, April 25, 2021Eric Kolonich

Why is there suffering? We live in a world where suffering is very evident. We see it on the street corner, we hear about it on the news, we experience it within our bodies and within our families. Suffering is not far from any one of us. In the suffering, pain and evil... Jesus your Good Shepherd is walking with you.

God Sightings

Sun, April 18, 2021Eric Kolonich

How can I know God exists? This is one question of doubt that pervades all cultures. Scripture reveals that we can know this through natural and revealed revelation from God. When our eyes and ears are open, we can see God at work all around us.

I Doubt It

Sun, April 11, 2021Rob Mrosko

“Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter clinched it for Paul. If God’s Son, divine and holy from all eternity, would take on human flesh for me, obey the commandments for me, suffer and die for me, and rise again to guarantee my forgiveness and resurrection, there can be no doubt. He loves me.” Rev. Mark Jeske, Time of Grace

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