Faith at Home

Series Messages

The Sky is Falling

Sun, November 14, 2021Rob Mrosko

Unrest in Afghanistan and threats of war in Taiwan, China, North Korea, Haiti and more. Hurricanes, wildfires, drought, flooding. People walking away from the faith in record numbers. A global pandemic. The end is definitely coming soon! Right? Maybe. The real question is what are we supposed to do until the sky really does fall? The writer of Hebrews has some good advice.

All Saints

Sun, November 07, 2021Eric Kolonich

All Saint’s Day is a day in the church year that we remember the lives of all the saints that have gone before us and are now with Jesus in heaven. Their earthly lives were filled with many emotional and spiritual ups and downs just like our own lives today. As we wait for our own homecoming, we are encouraged that everything we experience on this side of heaven prepares us for our own day when we too will be with Jesus.

Slave or Free?

Sun, October 31, 2021Rob Mrosko

If you believe something is true, then it is true to you (whether it is actually true or not). The question is, does your truth make you a slave or set you free? Today, as we celebrate Reformation Day, we recognize the truth Jesus offers (the only ABSOLUTE truth), is the truth that sets us free.

Celebrations & Next Steps

Sun, October 24, 2021Rob Mrosko

The G.I. Joe cartoon from the 1980s usually ended with a lesson to help kids learn and grow. The soldier/hero closed with the phrase, “Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.” When it comes to faith and living it out, the Holy Spirit is the entire battle, and Jesus has given the Spirit to us. Filled with the Spirit, we take all we have been learning and turn it into action.

Open Doors

Sun, October 17, 2021Rob Mrosko

There are some homes – maybe yours is one – which should have a revolving door installed. So many people coming and going all the time! The research shows this kind of “open door” mindset is a key component of a spiritually vibrant home.

Loud Tables

Sun, October 10, 2021Eric Kolonich

The table is the hub of our homes. It is around the table that we gather for meals and conversation. One of the pillars of a spiritually vibrant home is a loud table. What kinds of conversations are you having around your table? God has called us to be daily reflecting and talking about God at work in your daily life. How do we make it less awkward and more part of our everyday life?

Messy Prayers

Sun, October 03, 2021Rob Mrosko

Do you feel comfortable praying…out loud…in a group? Prayer can be such a tremendous part of our relationship with Jesus, but many people don’t understand it or are nervous about praying, especially with others. One of the three keys to a spiritually vibrant household is “messy prayers.” No matter how you say it, God loves you and wants to hear from you and, in fact, has provided everything you need to talk with Him.


Sun, September 26, 2021Rob Mrosko

The home is central to life and culture. In His life and ministry, Jesus did not try to supplant the traditional household as we see in some other world religions and spiritual movements (communes, extreme asceticism). Rather, Jesus embraced and valued the household, choosing homes as a central tool of His new kingdom to impact individuals, families, and the world.


Sun, September 19, 2021Eric Kolonich

Oikos is the Greek word for households. The American model for a household is typically a nuclear family, however, that can leave many feeling alone or left out. When we understand the biblical definition of households (oikos) we will see that no one is left out. The beauty of a biblical household is that, by definition, it provides a place of belonging to people who would otherwise be living life alone.

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