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December 26th 2021

Sun, December 26, 2021Eric Kolonich

Service from December 26th, 2021.

Christmas Day 2021

Sat, December 25, 2021Eric Kolonich

The visit of the magi. They came prepared to give generous gifts. When they saw Jesus, they gave even more - they bowed down and worshiped Him.

Give Witness

Sun, December 19, 2021Rob Mrosko

John the Baptist – John drew a lot of attention and gained followers. It might have been tempting to seek glory for himself, but instead he fulfills the purpose for which he was (miraculously) born: to give witness to Jesus, pointing people to the Lamb of God.

Give Up Control

Sun, December 12, 2021Dan Hudson

Like a good craftsman, Joseph has things all mapped out. His career path is set and his engagement to Mary is great. Then an angel shows up and those plans get chewed up and spit out. Joseph could have tried to take control himself, but instead he gives up control and submits to God (tie to Ephesians 5: submit to one another out of reverence for Christ).

Give Praise

Sun, December 05, 2021Rob Mrosko

After years of waiting, Zechariah and Elizabeth had given up hope for a child (and maybe hope for the Messiah?). The message of the angel is too much for Zechariah to accept and he doubts the angel (doubts God?). In the face of God’s miraculous work and the fulfillment of His promise, Zechariah and Elizabeth give praise to God.

Give Joy

Sun, November 28, 2021Eric Kolonich

Biblical joy is more than a happy feeling. It's a lasting emotion that comes from the choice to trust that God will fulfill his promises. Amidst the chaos that surrounds us daily, how can we experience joy?

Christ the _____

Sun, November 21, 2021Rob Mrosko

Lebron is “King James” in the world of basketball. When Queen Elizabeth dies, the longtime prince will become “King Charles” (though most people want William to be the next king). But what does it mean to be “king” and where does Jesus, the “King of kings” fit?

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