New Wineskins

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You give them something to eat

Sun, May 03, 2020Rob Mrosko

How would you respond if Jesus wanted to do a miracle? What would you say if He wanted you to be part of it? Continuing the theme of new wineskins, we want to be ready for Jesus to do whatever He wants with us and through us…right now.

New Wineskins

Sun, April 26, 2020Rob Mrosko

Out with the old, in with the new. Some people hear that message as a threat, trying to get rid of something that they hold dear. Some people hear it as an opportunity for a fresh start. God, who is eternal, is constantly making all things new and has wonderful things in store for you. Are you ready to receive it?


Sun, April 19, 2020Rob Mrosko

Isolated, fearful, overwhelmed. The longer this goes on, the darker things can seem. That can be discouraging…except for the light that is shining. Jesus is the light of the world and, as we experience in the resurrection, nothing can put out that light. As followers of Jesus, we have His light in us and shine it in this dark world.

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