Series Messages

To God Be the Glory

Sun, March 28, 2021Eric Kolonich

Jesus rides into Jerusalem receiving glory and praise, but Hosanna! soon changes to Crucify! Our lives often go from good to bad just as fast. No matter what tomorrow brings: to God be the glory forevermore.


Sun, March 21, 2021Rob Mrosko

Hope. In Jesus Christ, the word hope reflects life and confidence. Living in the truth of the gospel of Jesus, we have certain hope and we reflect this to each other and to the world around us. Imagine the impact on people who live with so much fear and uncertainty to see Christians filled with joyful, peaceful, life-giving hope!

It's Not About Me

Sun, March 14, 2021Eric Kolonich

“For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord.” Living a life for the Lord means that we are going to set aside our personal opinions and preferences so that we can love and build up the people around us for the sake of Jesus.

In God We Trust

Sun, March 07, 2021Rob Mrosko

It’s a no-win situation. When people gather in groups you are supposed to avoid discussions of politics and religion so you don’t make waves. Paul doesn’t give us the choice with what he writes in Romans 13. What God tells us actually frees us up to not only talk politics, but to put our faith into action in the world of politics. Here we go!

Living Sacrifice

Sun, February 28, 2021Rob Mrosko

Talk about a bloody mess! When you read about the practice of animal sacrifice in the Bible it can be confusing, horrifying, and flat out disgusting. What was it all about? What does it mean for us? That is what we explore as we look at Romans 12 and the call to be a living sacrifice.

Who, Me?

Sun, February 21, 2021Eric Kolonich

God’s love, grace and mercy has been extended to everyone. How does everyone learn this amazing fact? Through our Everyday spiritual conversations! If we are connected to the root of Jesus Christ, the only error we make is not speaking this good news at all…

No Greater Love

Sun, February 14, 2021Eric Kolonich

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Flowers, Chocolates, Valentines Cards and Gifts, fancy romantic meals... all are typical cultural traditions that surround Valentine’s Day. The theme of this holiday is love. However, the love that we receive in the world is nothing like the unconditional love that we receive from God.

Saint AND Sinner? Come on!

Sun, February 07, 2021Rob Mrosko

Why did I just do that?! Have you ever asked yourself that? You do something you know is wrong, you feel bad about it, but you still do it? Welcome to the world of Romans 7. This struggle is what Paul addresses (and admits to). Thankfully (“Thanks be to God!”), Paul also brings us to the resolution.

New Life

Sun, January 31, 2021Rob Mrosko

Do you ever wish you could just start over? We left 2020 behind and prayed (maybe more earnestly than ever) that the new year will allow us to leave the past behind and start again. Turning the calendar, setting a new resolution, vowing to change your mind won’t do it. Only in Jesus Christ, in His cross and resurrection, do we truly find new life. The old has gone; the new has come.

Peace with God

Sun, January 24, 2021Eric Kolonich

Peace is often seen as the absence of conflict. At our best, we desire peace in our everyday lives and the world around us. Peace with God does not mean the absence of earthly difficulties, but it is our state of being given to us by Jesus.

Equal Opportunity Savior

Sun, January 17, 2021Rob Mrosko

Events throughout the last year have emphasized a variety of things that divide us, sometimes sharply and even violently. The sin that lies at the heart of this is actually something that unites us (last week’s message). We also have another wonderful thing that unites us: Jesus Christ who overcomes sin, who forgives us, who saves us all entirely as a free gift.

Equal Opportunity Offender

Sun, January 10, 2021Rob Mrosko

I have heard it said that when you point at someone else (accusing, condemning), there are three fingers pointing back at you. None of us are in a position to condemn someone else, because we all deserve to be condemned. This isn’t a feel good message, but it is an important one that Paul delivers in the first few chapters of Romans. Hold on, because the good news is coming.

New You!

Sun, January 03, 2021Eric Kolonich

The world desperately needs the gospel today, hearing its truth and experiencing its power in God’s people. Paul’s letter to the Romans remains one of the most important expressions of Christian truth ever written, proclaiming the gospel and showing its life-changing power. As we explore the book of Romans, we’ll dive into this message that confronts us with who we are, comforts us with who God is, empowers us to live in this world.

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