Missing Christmas

Series Messages

Getting Christmas

Sun, December 27, 2020Rob Mrosko

It can be easy to crash after Christmas, to tune out and just coast to the end of the year. But wait! If you didn’t miss Christmas, then you have much to celebrate and carry you out of one year and into the next. Like Simeon and Anna, keep your eyes open and let the peace and joy of Jesus fill you.

Christmas Day

Fri, December 25, 2020Rob Mrosko

Christmas Eve

Thu, December 24, 2020Rob Mrosko & Eric Kolonich

Alone Together

Sun, December 20, 2020Rob Mrosko

One of the sentiments expressed by many coming through Thanksgiving and into the Christmas season is that of loneliness. Not feeling safe to gather with family, to see friends, or even to talk with people in the grocery store, people are feeling increasingly isolated. Thank God He does not leave us alone but actually joins us. That is what Immanuel means and what He does.

Christmas Presents

Sun, December 13, 2020Rob Mrosko

“It’s the thought that counts.” People sometimes say that in connection to giving gifts. What do you think as you give and receive gifts? Do you consider the need that is being met? Do you think that you are reflecting the generosity of God? Is your thought on the baby in the manger, God’s greatest gift? Don’t miss Christmas because you didn’t get or give the gift you wanted. Thank God He has given the gift we most need.


Sun, December 06, 2020Rob Mrosko

No Christmas music until after thanksgiving. Grandma’s special pie. Stockings on Christmas morning. A pickle in the tree. We all have certain traditions that help to make Christmas, Christmas. Do you know why you have those traditions? What do they point to? To WHOM do they point? Have fun with your traditions and make sure you don’t miss Christmas.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Sun, November 29, 2020Rob Mrosko

A Christmas song asks, “Do you see what I see?” The song lists multiple things that are obvious to grasp, but not everyone can see them. John the Baptist was very vocal and visual in his ministry, pointing clearly to Jesus, but not everyone could see Him. Our Advent season begins with a clear call to see Jesus so we don’t miss the wonder of Christmas.

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