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Seriously? Seriously.

Sun, November 22, 2020Rob Mrosko

Jesus says some challenging things. Telling someone to sell everything they have and give it away is near the top. What does He mean? What am I supposed to do? The answer: Take Him seriously.


Sun, November 15, 2020Eric Kolonich

Priorities allow us to manage our time and make progress towards goals. Jesus gives us a clear picture of how followers of Jesus must prioritize God above all else. This leads to a radically different life from the culture around us.

Misery Loves Company?

Sun, November 08, 2020Rob Mrosko

“Do you want to come with me? I am going to suffer and die and everyone who is with me will suffer too. Doesn’t that sound good?” Admittedly, it’s not a very good sales pitch. But Jesus isn’t selling. He is offering eternal life to all who follow Him; a gift that is absolutely worth anything we might encounter!

Lose to Win

Sun, November 01, 2020Rob Mrosko

Today we celebrate All Saints Day, an opportunity to remember and give thanks to followers of Jesus who have paved the way before us, resting now in the presence of Jesus. Some went peacefully to meet Jesus, others sacrificed their lives. All lived and died knowing that the life in Jesus was worth more than anything else.

Grace Culture

Sun, October 25, 2020Eric Kolonich

We often let others’ particular brand of sin and unbelief define them and divide us. However, we are all sinners in need of God’s grace. Our ongoing involvement and relationship with those whose lives look like a mess from our eyes begins with a profound grasp of God grace.

Water is Thicker than Blood

Sun, October 18, 2020Rob Mrosko

What makes someone a follower of Jesus? Is it church membership? Knowing about Jesus? Having a relative who is a Christian? Jesus says the ones who really belong to Him, the people who are His family members, are the ones who do His will. Being a disciple just got a lot harder!

Following Jesus

Sun, October 04, 2020Eric Kolonich

Jesus’ statement, “Follow Me” is an invitation into a deeper more meaningful relationship with our Savior. This invitation comes with joys and challenges. As we reflect on our personal discipleship journeys can the world tell that you are following Jesus or something / someone else?

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