The Christmas Option

Series Messages

Rejoice Exceedingly with Great Joy

Sun, December 29, 2019Eric Kolonich

The wise men followed a star that led them to Jesus. When they find Jesus they “rejoiced exceedingly with great joy” (Matthew 2:10).  As the Christmas season continues and we launch into a new decade, will you rejoice exceedingly with great joy like the Magi or be blasé about the upcoming year?

The Hard Road or the Easy Road?

Sun, December 22, 2019Eric Kolonich

The hard road or the easy road? Joseph was faced with many choices. We know very little about his life, but we know his actions. Joseph could have run the other way when his life became complicated and difficult with Mary’s miraculous pregnancy. However, Joseph listened to God, denied himself and was ultimately a great example for us in walking in faith.  

Nothing is impossible!

Sun, December 15, 2019Rob Mrosko

What “impossible” situation are you facing right now? Do you think anything can be done? The God of the universe, far beyond anything our minds can grasp, enters the world as a tiny embryo in the womb of a virgin. If He can do that, what do you think He can do in your life?

Standing Out

Sun, December 08, 2019Rob Mrosko

Would you rather stand out in a crowd or blend in? Maybe it depends on the kind of attention you get. If it meant you were going to be criticized, or even physically harmed or thrown in jail, you would probably rather just blend in. John the Baptist was destined, from his conception, to stand out, but that meant facing some difficult options during his life.

Zechariah and Elizabeth

Sun, December 01, 2019Rob Mrosko

An old priest is met by an angel and an astounding message from God. What will he do with the news? How will it impact his life? We all come to points in our lives where we must make a choice. The Christmas Option explores some of those points as people encounter God and have to decide between doing what makes sense (often the easier choice) or faithful obedience (which is sometimes difficult).

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