Series Messages

Humble Devotion

Sun, April 14, 2019Eric Kolonich

On the eve before Jesus rides into Jerusalem on what we call “Palm Sunday”,  a woman named Mary anoints Jesus with very expensive oil of “pure nard” in an act of humble devotion and extrav-agant expense. Others present that evening saw it as a “waste” of valuable resources. Mary’s ac-tions give us a glimpse into her heart for following Jesus. What do our actions demonstrate about our hearts?

Slow and Steady?

Sun, April 07, 2019Rob Mrosko

What is your story of meeting Jesus? Was it an instantaneous, life-changing moment? Or maybe a gradual development over time? Maybe you are still on the journey and not sure what to conclude. Meet Nicodemus, whose own faith story may surprise and delight you.


Sun, March 24, 2019Eric Kolonich

Peter and John encounter a man who was lame and in the name of Jesus is healed. The man’s im-mediate reaction is Joy! He was “walking and jumping and praising God.” In our busy worlds, we are often going from one thing to the next checking things off our to-do list. We can become overly critical in our lives when things don’t go the way that we would like. Jesus has ex(CHANGED) our sadness and turned it into joy. How can we reflect the joy he has given us this week?

Its Not About Me

Sun, March 17, 2019Eric Kolonich

Jesus’ conversation with the rich man reveals that a life following Jesus is sacrificial. The rich man approaches Jesus confident that he has done all the right things. He is confident that he has walked “the good life” having followed all the commandments. However, in his desire to “achieve the next step” he walks away sad, because his priorities were incorrect.  Jesus EX (changed) his life for ours therefore our lives as followers of Jesus are not about doing one more thing but rather making Jesus the king of our heart.

Transformational Exchange

Sun, March 10, 2019Rob Mrosko

To exchange something means the act of giving one thing and receiving another in return.  Usually you hope to get something good out of that transaction.  This series will look at what God exchanges with us and how that changes us.

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