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Sun, November 17, 2019Eric Kolonich

We were created by God to be in relationship with one another. Sin has broken that relationship. While we will never experience a perfect relationship on this side of heaven, we can aspire towards the relationships that God intends in our marriages and families as well as our work and friend relationships. It begins through selfless love.

Real Imitation

Sun, November 10, 2019Rob Mrosko

It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  If that is the case, who are you trying to flatter?  As a follower of Jesus, we (are supposed to) imitate Him.  That is what we explore as we dig in to Ephesians 5.

Overflowing Unity

Sun, October 27, 2019Rob Mrosko

God extends His amazing grace to each of us – and to every person in the entire world throughout all time. That message of salvation through God’s grace alone was at the heart of the Reformation 500 years ago and still is for the church today.  The unity that we experience by our faith in the one true God is also a powerful force in our witness for Jesus. Let’s grace each other today!

Overflowing Grace

Sun, October 20, 2019Rob Mrosko

There are over seven billion people in the world today and each one is unique, different from everyone else.  That’s a lot that could divide us.  But there are also certain things – very important things – we all have in common.  God addresses this with Paul’s words in Ephesians 2 and helps us to see what unites us…overflowing grace!


Sun, October 06, 2019Eric Kolonich

“We receive an overwhelming amount of messages telling us to define ourselves by external
measures. What would it look like to base our identity on the way God sees us? One author puts
it this way: “an identity grounded in God would mean that when we think of who we are, the
first thing that would come to mind is our status as someone who is deeply loved by God.” How
would viewing yourself in this manner change the way you live?

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