Very Real Church

Series Messages

Very Real Church - The Sick needs a Doctor

Sun, June 17, 2018Rev. Joe Robb

Very Real Church - Forgiving Family

Sun, June 10, 2018Rob Mrosko

People cannot live in peace with one another for long unless they forgive each other.  This affects families, schools, teams, places of work, nations…our entire world.  Thankfully, we know the source of forgiveness and what we freely receive from Jesus we freely give.

Very Real Church - Walking the wire of Saint and Sinner

Sun, June 03, 2018Rob Mrosko

Why do people do the things they do, even “good Christians”?  God gives us the answer in His Word, the answer that leads us to view ourselves and others with greater compassion and Jesus with greater appreciation.

Very Real Church - Prodigal Son - Older Brother

Sun, May 27, 2018Rob Mrosko

Do you rejoice when a sinner repents?  How bad can the sinner be and still be welcome?  “Older brothers,” get ready for part two of Jesus’ story.

Very Real Church - Prodigal Son - Younger Brother

Sun, May 20, 2018Rob Mrosko

The Prodigal Son.  The Lost Son.  The Dead Son.  The Imperfect Son.  The story Jesus tells in Luke 15 is well-known and loved by many.  It is a wonderful picture of grace.  If you have ever felt yourself in the place of this younger son, then hear, know, receive, rejoice in the limitless grace of the Father.


Very Real Church - Imperfect Family

Sun, May 06, 2018Rob Mrosko

What do you think of when you hear the word “imperfect”? Often it carries the idea of less than, not good enough. So we try to hide our mistakes, cover up the fact that we are not perfect. NO MORE! Only in accepting our imperfections can we fully understand God’s work to love and save us. Right now, right here, I declare it, “I am imperfect!”

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