Series Messages

GOSPEL OF JOHN - Feed my sheep

Sun, September 02, 2018Rob Mrosko

Jesus tells Peter to “feed my sheep.”  He refers to caring for people who were or would become followers of Jesus.  This is our charge as well, and so we feed them the food that gives life and peace and joy…PIZZA!  Just kidding, we feed them with the love, truth and hope of Jesus.

GOSPEL OF JOHN - Do you Believe?

Sun, August 26, 2018Rob Mrosko

What proof do you need in order to believe that something is absolutely true?  Thomas did not believe the words of the women and the other disciples; he wanted to see and touch Jesus for himself to believe that Jesus was alive.  Jesus delivered BIG TIME!  Do you believe it?

GOSPEL OF JOHN - Love - Sweet Love of Jesus

Sun, August 19, 2018Rob Mrosko

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love” (Jackie DeShannon).  What the world needs now is true love, the sweet love of Jesus.  And we are the ones who deliver it.  Sweet love.

GOSPEL OF JOHN - Resurrection and Life

Sun, August 12, 2018Rob Mrosko

Why do we worship Jesus?  Because He makes (AND KEEPS) promises that no one else can deliver.  Jesus says He is the resurrection and the life and He proves it by raising a person who was dead.  I don’t know anyone else who can do that.  Do you?

GOSPEL OF JOHN - Good Shepherd

Sun, August 05, 2018Rob Mrosko

GOSPEL OF JOHN - John 8 - The truth will set you free

Sun, July 29, 2018Rob Mrosko

Jesus says that He will set us free.  But if a person is already free, why do we need Jesus?  That is what Jesus addresses in John 8.


Sun, July 22, 2018Pastor Dan Anderson

GOSPEL OF JOHN - John 3 For God so loved the WORLD

Sun, July 15, 2018Rob Mroksko

Why did Jesus come here?  What was His ultimate goal?  John 3:17 summarizes this perfectly: not to condemn the world, but to save the world.  As a church devoted to the mission of Jesus, this is our focus as well.

GOSPEL OF JOHN - John 1 Full of grace and truth

Sun, July 08, 2018Rob Mrokso

Light and darkness.  Rejection and reception.  Law and grace.  There is a broad spectrum of what a person experiences when they meet Jesus.  This is true today as we encounter Jesus in our lives and introduce Him – His love, truth and hope – to others.

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