1. In-Home Discipleship-ALL AGES

1. In-Home Discipleship-ALL AGES


Do you want to keep Jesus front and center in your life? We have materials available for you to follow Jesus together as a family. 

Our Kids and Student Discipleship materials are designed to take 15 minutes or less that you as parent or guardian can guide a family discussion around the Bible and following Jesus.
Each month we come out with new sets of materials so check back often for our latest installments.

If your head is still reeling as you try to navigate this, check this link out for some extra encouragement and ideas. 



Gospel Identity led by Pastor Eric


Mission Mindset led by Bob Gleason

Everyday Misisonary Conversations led by various leaders 

Preparing Our Hearts and Minds for Christmas led by Paul Doerr

Creation vs Evolution Conversations led by Craig Fluegge
How do you respond when a friend or teacher claims that people evolved from apes? Has a missing link been found? Come and examine the evidence that contradicts evolution and shows the Bible is true. Learn how to turn a conversation about evolution into a spiritual conversation.
Location: Sanctuary

         Class Notes for all classes

Politics & Jesus led by Mark Newman
This will be a formal topical Bible Study which will also be recorded and available online each week. 
With the 2020 Presidential Election right around the corner, we are inundated with coverage of many challenging and controversial topics. Americans today are bombarded with politicians, political parties, news organizations, celebrities, social media and everyone else telling us what to think and how to vote. But what does Jesus think about all of these issues that are challenging Americans today? We know what the Republicans and the Democrats think about the issues of our day, but what does the Bible actually say about them? The purpose of this study is not to attempt to tell anyone how to vote. The purpose is to investigate issues - the economy, healthcare, immigration, gun control, war and peace, race relations, the educational system, marriage and family, right to life/choice issue - and seek Biblical answers FIRST. To allow God's Word guide our views instead of what our political and news culture attempt to tell us. Please join us as we explore the issues of the 2020 election from a Biblical perspective.
Location:  Sanctuary



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4th & 5th Grade   October      November​     December     January     February     March     April

6th-12 Grade       October       November     December    January     February      March     April


We have even more tools to help you open up conversation between you and your kids, and grow your family's connection to Jesus. Check out these opportunities for preschool through 12th grade families! 

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