"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..." - Matthew 28:19

God Is Seeking You

At the most fundamental level, we believe that God's world-view is to reach those people that don't know about His Love for them. Everything He is and does is meant to point us to His Son, Jesus Christ. It is that conviction that inspires us to share that message with others by...

  • Financially supporting local and international missionaries
  • Supporting short-term mission trips for our youth and adult members
  • Equipping mission workers in other countries
  • Praying regularly for supported mission programs


Missionary Blogs

Many of our mission teams blog before and during their trips.

Personally Supported Missionary (PSM) Program

PSMs receive monthly financial support and periodic prayer support.

Locally Supported Missions

For two months each year BLC supports a local mission effort with our prayers, direct involvement of our God-given time, talents, treasure and testimony.

Previously Supported Missions

Missions we have supported in the past with their contact information.

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